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You will find here the preaching notes of our Elder Steve Lloyd.

Please  feel free to download them and use them. Pray that the Lord would speak to you through them.

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Sermon Notes

Commitment to Christ - 1

Turning trials into triumphs

Christmas - Christ the Lord

Commitment to Christ - 2

Soaring above the storms of life

Christmas - God’s Gift

Commitment to Christ - 3

Suffering - the bigger picture

You must be born again

Commitment to Christ - 4

Reviewing our past

The Bethlehem Star

Commitment to Christ - 5

In the furnace with God

What sort of people

God delights in Obedience - 1

5 essentials for spiritual growth

What it means to have faith

God delights in Obedience - 2

Spiritual protection in the last days

Laodacia - Todays’ sick church

JESUS The Lamb of God

Not ashamed of Christ



Friend or Foe

How does God deal with our unforgiveness

Let your light shine

Burden bearing

God’s way is not necessarily easy

The birth of a King

Praying for one another